All charitable and philanthropic tax-exempt organizations need reliable legal advice on board issues, taxes and related matters. Really good law firms specializing in this area are hard to find and we looked carefully before making our choice. We couldn’t be happier with the help we have received from Gene Korf of Korf & Rosenblatt. Gene knows his way around the world of philanthropy. He is an extremely knowledgeable, careful, ‘can-do’ lawyer who is there when we need him. We rely on his advice, trust it completely and feel fortunate to have him guide and represent us. We recommend him highly.

W. Michael Blumenthal
President, Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin
Formerly Secretary of the Treasury
of the United States

Whenever anyone has asked me if I knew a superb attorney specializing in estate planning or concerns relating to taxation, I have always recommended Gene Korf, my attorney in these affairs for nearly a quarter of a century. Each time the person who took my recommendation came away as happy to have the solid advice, and thoughtful and knowledgeable representation, from Mr. Korf as I have had. I have come to consider Mr. Korf as the Larry Bird in his field. That is, it's crunch time; you need someone to hit the game-deciding free throws. You call on Larry Bird. I've called on Gene Korf. Same result. Swish.

Ira Berkow
Retired New York Times Sports Columnist and Pulitzer Prize Winner